Friday, February 13, 2009

Highlights of the Anthropology and Archaeology Gallery at the State Museum

Looking for an adventure that’s fun, fascinating AND free? Check out the State Museum of PA in downtown Harrisburg at 3rd and Forester Streets, right next to the State Capitol. Of particular note is the Hall of Anthropology and Archaeology located on the second floor. From hunter-gatherers of the last Ice Age to the Valley Forge encampment of the American Revolution, the exhibits and dioramas in this gallery explore over 10,000 years of cultural heritage that has been unearthed through archaeological excavations conducted throughout the state.

Ever wonder how archaeologists excavate a site? See how sites are uncovered at the recreated open excavation and stratified rock shelter exhibits.

Just how does someone chip a piece of stone into an arrow head or make a dugout canoe without metal tools? Find out in the technology area.

Trace the progression of culture through time and adaptations to a changing environment in the culture history section. Take the opportunity to touch real petroglyphs and discover where they were found.

What did a 16th Century Native American village look like? Walk through a recreated Delaware Indian longhouse as you follow the life of Namakwa and see how their culture differs from ours.

Why you should go:
1. Pennsylvania cares about history, and built this museum for YOU.
2. Learning about history is COOL!
3. Did I mention it’s FREE?
No time for a road trip - no problem, check out the virtual tour of the Archaeology Gallery right now!

For more information, visit or the Hall of Anthropology and Archaeology at The State Museum of Pennsylvania .

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